Technology Collaboration Programme

IEA Playing My Part

Case Study Overview

Playing my part is the result of a collaboration between the European Commission and the International Energy Agency to raise.

European citizens’ awareness of the benefits of energy savings and the importance of putting energy efficiency at the heart of planning and investments. The campaign was launched in April.

2022 and lasted for three months. To encourage behaviour change, the campaign recommended ten simple measures that people could take to reduce their energy consumption. The media analysis shows 80% of the target audience was reached and the survey indicates 50% of people have taken one of the recommended measures. Energy consumption during this period decreased by 10% per month.

Campaign Period: April 2022 – July 2023


Target audience (max 100 words): [The campaign was targeted at all European Citizens. To understand the needs and motivation of the target audience, the IEA conducted a pre-campaign survey. The results of this survey indicate that the main driver for behaviour change…]

Objectives and message (max 200 words): [the campaign aimed to encourage people to act on energy efficiency immediately. These objectives were chosen, because…]

Resources (max 100 words): [the budget for the campaign was 100,000 euro and there were five FTE working on the project across two different departments. An external marketing agency was hired to assist with media strategy.]

The most important lessons learned (max 100 words): [A crucial aspect in the design is to… Next time we will try to avoid…]


Media channels used (max 150 words): [The campaign was used social medial, printed newspapers and collaboration with ambassadors and influencers to reach a wide audience. These channels were chosen because… The most effective channel proved to be…]

Recommended measures (max 150 words): [the campaign recommended the following measures… And later changed those to…]

Stakeholder involvement (max 200 words): [The IEA worked with industry partners for wider dissemination of the campaign. This was done through…]

The most important lessons learned (max 100 words): [During the campaign, we noticed what worked especially well was… while we found quite a challenge in…]


Impacts (max 150 words): [The media reach of the campaign was measures through … and reached an audience of… with an amount of views of … on these channels… ]

Outcomes (max 150 words): [The survey showed the amount of people that took measures was… And the estimated reduction in energy consumption because of the campaign was…]

The most important lessons learned (max 100 words): [In the beginning, the campaign focused on… Afterwards, the focus was changed to… Because the evaluation indicated that…]