Applying behavioural insights to demand side energy policies and programmes: where do we stand? – Webinar: 8 October 2020 @ 15h00 CEST

This webinar has concluded.

Academy Webinar #11: What behavioural factors act as barriers to energy saving behaviours, to the uptake of energy efficient, clean energy technologies and of sustainable mobility options? How can energy ministries, regulatory agencies and utilities leverage behavioural insights (BIs) to design and implement more effective energy policies and programmes?

In this webinar, Elisabetta Cornago, Economist and Energy Policy Analyst from the International Energy Agency, will present insights from the forthcoming UsersTCP and IEA report on behavioural insights and demand side energy policy. Through the webinar, she will highlight behaviourally-informed policy interventions and programmes designed to encourage households and businesses to curb their energy consumption, to prompt investment in energy efficiency and in the uptake of renewable energy, and to encourage a shift to sustainable transport behaviours.