How to reach the hard-to-reach (energy users)? Webinar: 7 April 2020 @ 11.00am CEST

This Academy Webinar has concluded.

Energy efficiency is sometimes called “the greatest market failure of all times” – it makes so much sense, is imperative to achieve the energy transition affordably, and yet it remains difficult to achieve the energy efficiency potential that technological and policy innovations promise to deliver. Is this because our technological and policy advances fail to reach all energy users in the same way? We believe that there is a significant percentage of the human population who can be regarded as “hard-to-reach (HTR) energy users”. These are the people policymakers, utility programme managers and research experts often struggle to engage with when designing and rolling out technological and behavioural interventions. Their barriers and needs are different to those “lower hanging fruit” energy users we understand well. This HTR audience segment becomes even larger once we expand from hard-to-reach individuals and groups in the residential, to those in the non-residential, particularly the commercial sector – especially if we look across all fuels and energy services, including mobility. This, potentially very large energy user segment is the focus of this new research collaboration and we present our first findings in this webinar.