The world after Covid – what are the prospects for the future of energy consumption? Webinar – 10 February 2021 @3pm CET

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Academy Webinar #15 – How have behavioural changes affected energy demand and what does this mean for the future?

With lockdowns and restrictions on movement changing the way we travel, work and entertain ourselves, the Covid-19 crisis has had dramatic impacts on the energy system: In 2020 the IEA estimates primary energy demand fell by around 5%.

What, if anything, do these changes this mean for future energy demand? Could any of these be permanent or will we soon see a ‘rebound’ in energy demand as people revert to business as usual?

Join our panel – Jeremy Sung (IEA), David Shipworth (UsersTCP Chair/UCL) and Linda Steg (University of Groningen) for a discussion following a presentation of findings from Energy Efficiency 2020 and the World Energy Outlook 2020 which show the IEA’s latest analysis on Covid-19 related behaviour changes.  Audience members will also be invited to submit questions for discussion.