Webinar #22 – Regulating peer-to-peer energy trading and community self-consumption models – 10 November 2021 @ 3pm CET

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Peer-to-peer energy trading (P2P) and community self-consumption (CSC) are being recognised by policymakers as potential models to help meet climate targets and speed up the transition to net zero. They can radically change consumers’ role in the energy grid to a more active one, giving them the opportunity to sell electricity to other consumers. When regulating these models, policymakers will need to grapple with questions such as how to integrate them into the energy grid, how to design markets and the value propositions that meet consumer expectations, and how to protect consumers while enabling innovation.

This webinar, the 22nd event of the UsersTCP Academy, focuses on such questions, providing recommendations to policymakers from experts in the field and those actively involved in pilots of P2P/CSC. This will be a highly interactive event where we will encourage participants to ask questions and provide feedback. After the event, a policy briefing will be produced to help develop this emerging and promising field.

Alexandra Schneiders, Senior Research Fellow at the UCL Energy Institute and the Task Leader of the Global Observatory on Peer-to-Peer, Community Self-Consumption and Transactive Energy Models (GO-P2P), a Task of the User-Centred Technology Collaboration Programme by the International Energy Agency.

* Antonis Papaemmanouil, Head of Electrical Engineering Institute, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences (HSLU) (Switzerland)
* Brian O’Regan, Senior Research Engineer, International Energy Research Centre (IERC) (Ireland)
* Timothy Capper, PhD Researcher, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research (UK)
* Charlotte Johnson, Senior Research Fellow, UCL Energy Institute (UK)
* Jean-Michel Glachant, Director, Florence School of Regulation (Italy)