Webinar #24 – How to engage hard-to-reach energy users. Case study examples from around the world – January 19 2022 @ 10am CET

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This webinar presents findings from a Cross-Country Case Study Comparison of over 20 case study analyses in 8 countries, on how to engage hard-to-reach (HTR) energy users in the residential (vulnerable households) and non-residential (small business) sectors. This includes a discussion on:

  • high-level overview of objectives and results from relevant case studies;
  • what audience characterisation was undertaken, including data collected on demo/psycho/firmographics and barriers;
  • what the best engagement strategies were to reach these HTR audience groups;
  • recommendations for policy makers and programme managers.


Dr Sea Rotmann, HTR Task Leader, New Zealand.
Dr Danielle Butler, NEA, United Kingdom