Webinar #31 – Passing a social tipping point: why achieving consensus on climate action just got a lot harder and what it means for the energy transition – 26 October @ 3pm CEST

This webinar has concluded. Download the webinar from our Academy page.

The period from the signing of the UNFCCC in 1992, to the Paris Agreement in 2016 coincided with what is know as the ‘global unipolar moment’ between the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 to ’Brexit’ and the election of Donald Trump in 2016. This was a period of unprecedented global liberal democratic hegemony and economic prosperity – the ideal conditions under which to broker and progress action on climate change.

This period has now ended. The global economic and geopolitical headwinds have increased on the back of four forces driving global disunity – the geopolitical crisis, the demographic crisis, the climate crisis and the epistemic crisis.

This webinar explores the implications of this confluence of crises on the energy transition and seeks to identify broad areas of action that may mitigate their likely impacts.