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Energy Sector Behavioural Insights Platform launches international survey

The Energy Sector Behavioural Insights Platform is conducting research on how organisations are leveraging behavioural insights to shape energy policies and programmes.

The IEA and UsersTCP have created a survey to learn more about the work that organisations are carrying out in this field. By completing this survey, you will be contributing towards building knowledge in this sphere.  Survey responses will provide input into a report that the IEA and the UsersTCP will develop highlighting best practices in behavioural insights applications to energy-related policies and programmes, work that we hope will assist your organisation in leveraging behavioural insights.

LINK TO THE SURVEY no longer active:

In brief, we are interested in all energy policies and programmes using behavioural insights in their design or implementation, even if they are ongoing or at a planning stage.  We cover policies and programmes targeting all energy users, including those aimed at incentivising:

  • uptake of energy efficient technologies in commercial and residential buildings, transport, industry and agriculture sectors,
  • flexible and efficient energy use (i.e. changing when and how much energy is used),
  • uptake of distributed energy generation and storage technologies.

Deadlines for completing the survey have been extended: your contribution is most welcome by 30 June 2020.

If you have any questions about the survey or if you would like to know more about the Behavioural Insights Platform, you can contact the IEA project coordinators at