Technology Collaboration Programme

Plug and Play? Researchers wanted to investigate the usability of smart energy-saving devices

PLEASE NOTE:  Deadline for submission of proposals extended to 25 January 2021.


The UsersTCP and the 4E TCP seek a consultant to undertake a study, within a budget of 40,000 Euro. The request for proposals provides more details on the study, which will examine if the effective delivery of energy services is being hampered by complexities involved in setting up and operating smart devices. Questions that the study will answer include:

    • What set-up and ease-of-use issues hinder the delivery of energy services from smart devices?
    • What is the role of professional assistance in setting-up smart systems?
    • What role do proprietary device ecosystems play?
    • What are some examples of best and worst practice?
    • What can be done about these issues by policy makers and regulators?