Technology Collaboration Programme

April 2004 Workshop – A New Dawn for Demand-Side Measures: Perspectives, Strategies and Experiences, Trondheim, Norway

The workshop was hosted by: Enova SF, Norway. A New Dawn for Demand-Side Measures: Perspectives, Strategies and Experiences. The objective of the workshop/seminar was: (1) to introduce a Norwegian audience to the IEA and the IEA DSM Programme in particular; (2) provide introduction to Norwegian energy demand management activities: policy, experiences with use of measures, project results and enabling technology provider perspective to the IEA DSM members; (3) post-deregulated energy sector represents new set of challenges: responsibilities polarized and funding for activities harder to identify and obtain; (4) Future? – establish Norwegian Energy demand Network to share concerns, expereinces, project results and co-ordinate national/international participation and hopefully pool resources; and (5) re-introduce Energy demand Management on the agenda and provide new focus on current and future challenges in developing and implementing effective measures and technologies to achieve goals.

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Presentations made at the seminar:

1. Introduction: A New Dawn for Demand-Side Measures: Perspectives, Strategies and Experiences – presented by Anita Eide, Enova SF, Norway.

2. Market Mechanisms for White Certificates: Issues and Challenges in Developing New Policy Measures – presented by Antonio Capozza, T&D Networks, CESI, Italy.

3. Increased Political Focus on Demand Side Flexibility – presented by Tore Langset, Head of Power Market Section, Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE), Norway.

4. View of Demand Response in Liberalized Markets – presented by Ross Malme, RETX, United States.

5. “DRR – Norway” Project – presented by Ove S. Grande, SINTEF Energy Research, Norway.

6. Load Control in the Norwegian Balance Market – presented by Inge Harald Vognild, Statnett, Norway.

7. Hourly Metering and Remote Load Control: technology and incentives for demand response in a large scale test project – preliminary results and experiences – presented by Ingeborg Graabak, Research Scientist, SINTEF Energy Research, Norway.

8. Quality Assurance and Use of Metered Data – presented by Klaus Livik, Business Development Manager, Powel, Norway.

9. A New Dawn for the Demand Side in the Energy Sector – presented by Hans Nilsson, Chairman of the IEA DSM Programme.

10.Demo of Remote Load Control – Control of Power Loads in Oslo by Viken Nett – presented by Håvard Nordvik, Norway.