Technology Collaboration Programme

April 2006 Workshop – Registration and validation of energy saving activities – practical experiences and cost-effective solutions, Copenhagen, Denmark

The workshop was hosted by: Danish Energy and the Danish Energy Authority, Denmark. “Registration and validation of energy saving activities – Practical experiences and cost-effective solutions”. The seminar explored the question of how to balance the need for information against the cost of obtaining this information. The seminar presented examples of practical solutions to the registration and validation dilemma, drawing on experience gained in a variety of countries. The presentations spanned from a government perspective to a business perspective.

Copenhagen, Denmark, 19 April, 2006.

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Presentations made at the seminar:

1. Regsitration and Validation of Energy Saving Activities – Practical Experiences and Cost-effective Solutions – presented by Hans Duus Jorgensen, Association of Danish Energy Companies, Denmark.

2. EU Directive on Energy End-use Efficiency and Energy Services and PRIME – Private Investments Move Ecopower – Model Concepts and Contracts – presented by Håvard Vaggen Malvik, European Commission, DG Energy and Transport, Brussels, Belgium.

3. Energy Efficiency Obligations – the UK Practical Experience on Validating & Evaluating Energy Savings – presented by Eoin Lees, Eoin Lees Energy, United Kingdom.

4. The Italian White Certificates Market and the Measurement and Verification of End-use Energy Efficiency Improvements – presented by Marcella Pavan, Head, Energy Efficiency Policy Division, Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas, Italy.

5. Measuring and Verifying Energy Savings within the Energy Fund Model in Norway – presented by Anita Eide, Enova SF, Norway.

6. The New Structure for PSO Activities in Denmark – Goals and Overall Set-up – presented by Nicolai Zarganis, Head of Division, Danish Energy Authority, Denmark.

7. Registration and Validation in Denmark – the principles and the chosen solutions – presented by Ulrich Bang Termansen, Consultant, The Association of Danish Energy Companies, Denmark.

8. From Theory Based Policy Evaluation to Smart Policy Design: lessons learned from 20 case studies on energy efficiency improvement – presented by Lars J. Nilsson, Lund University, Sweden.

9. Efficiency Valuation: Fine Tuning M&V for Business Transactions – presented by Steve Kromer, Efficiency Valuation Organisation.

10. Practical Experiences with Internal and External Energy Performance Contracting in the Public Sector in Germany and PICO Model Contract – presented by Wolfgang Irrek, Research Group, Energy, Transport and Climate Policy, Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, Germany.