Technology Collaboration Programme

October 2006 Workshop – Everyone loves DSM, Maastricht, the Netherlands

The workshop was hosted by: SenterNovem, Netherlands. Everyone loves DSM Central to the workshop discussion was the issue of optimising the knowledge generated from DSM and setting priorities for new projects. The day was divided up into two sessions: plenary presentations (morning) and workshops (afternoon). To read the workshop programme…

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Maastricht, Netherlands, 11 October, 2006
The workshop was attended by 30 participants from the Netherlands and abroad and consisted of DSM Executive Committee members, respresentatives from industry, government, research and knowledge institutions.

Presentations made at the plenary session:

1. Energy Services in Practice -Saving Energy and Directly Earn Money – presented by G. Kempen, Essent, Netherlands.

2. Options for a White Certificates Scheme in the Netherlands – presented by V. Oikonomou, RUG, Netherlands.

3. Smart Metering – Automatic Meter Management – A Customer’s Perspective – presented by Hilbrand Does, Oxxio, Netherlands.

4. Monitoring Information for EU Reporting – presented by Harry Vreuls, SenterNovem, Netherlands.

Three workshops were held and were led by SenterNovem moderators.

There was overall agreement that the marketing of the DSM agreement products was an area for improvement. Currently the information often remains within a small group of Experts and does not receive the exposure that it deserves. Within the individual workshops the following areas were considered of the highest priority for future attention:

Workshop 1 – Customers

  • Brand energy efficiency
  • Labelling of all appliances
  • Inform the public
    – TV campaign
    – Computer game

Workshop 2 – Governments

  • Globally consistent economic fungible instruments
  • UN energy policy needed
  • Develop school programs

Workshop 3 – ESCO

  • Branding
  • Investigate barriers
  • Educate by sector (focus/tailormade)
  • Inform financial

Inform financial institutions about ESCO – ensure financing

To read the reference material from workshop 1 – Customers click HERE
Toread the reference material from workshop 2 – Government click HERE
To read the reference material from workshop 3 – ESCO click HERE

The workshop was considered to be a well balanced day with interesting presentations and room for discussion in the individual workshops which resulted in good recommendations for future actions.