Technology Collaboration Programme

October 2010 Workshop – The Smartness of Smart Grids, Stockholm, Sweden

The smartness of smart grids Wednesday 6 October, 2010, Stockholm, Sweden – 13:00 – 18:00 The seminar brought together experts from Sweden and a number of international representatives from the IEA DSM Programme and considered the smartness of smart grids and the solutions that can be offered. Welcome to Electrolux Henrik Sundström, VP Sustainability Affairs…

Welcome to Electrolux
Henrik Sundström, VP Sustainability Affairs

Why are smart grids important?
Hans Nilsson, Chairman IEA DSM Programme

What does smartness mean – and how can it be achieved?

The Smartness of Smart Grids – Edi Fabbro, Electrolux
Key drivers and trends within smart grids – Karl Elfstadius, ABB, Sweden
Royal Stockholm Seaport – a smart grid for a sustainable city project – Tomas Wall, Fortum, Sweden
A CONNECTED WORLD 50 billion connected devices by 2020 – Craig Donovan, Ericsson, Sweden
Smart grids – design, people and behaviour – Cecilia Katzeff, Interactive Institute

DSM for Smart Grid – Present and future work

Task XV: Network Driven DSM, David Crossley, Australia
Task XVII: Integration of Demand Side Management, Seppo Kärkkäinen, Finland
Task XIX: Micro Demand Response and Energy Saving, Linda Hull, United Kingdom
Task XX: Branding of Energy Efficiency, Balawant Joshi, India

Are there limitations to the smartness?

Consumer in Focus, Elisabetta Bari, Electrolux