October 2014 Workshop – Electricity of the Future: Renewables – Smart Grids, Vienna, Austria

For Austria and Specifically the Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology almost 40-years of collaboration in the field of research and technological development within the International Energy Agency places an important addition to national and EU activities. The technology programme of the IEA is conducted by currently 40 Implementing Agreements. The activities of these multilateral technology initiatives range from research and networking to support of market implementation. Austrian participation in Tasks and Annexes are supported by the bmvit program “IEA Research Cooperation”.

This year’s Austrian IEA networking event focuses on the electricity supply of the future. In a first morning session the potentials of renewables power generation technologies photovoltaic , wind energy and concentrated solar power and their intelligent system integration will be elaborated. The second session will be dedicated to customer aspects. Therefore international examples and results from the Demand Side Management Implementing Agreement will be presented. In the afternoon short presentations of new task and annex participations and finally break out sessions are planned.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Session 1: Smart System Integration of Renewable Power Generation Technologies

Chair: Maria Bürgermeister-Mähr, Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

Welcome and Introduction – presented by Sabine Mitter, Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit)

System integration of photovoltaic and wind energy power – examples from the Photovoltaic Power Systems Implementing Agreementpresented by Hubert Fechner, Kurt Leonhartsberger, Technikum, Wien

Concentrated Solar Power – International examples and highlights from Solar Pacespresented by Karl Schwaiger, Technical University of Vienna

International Smart Grids Action Network (ISGAN – Focus areas and first outcomespresented by Michael Hübner, Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit)

ISGAN Annex 7: Smart Grids Transitionpresented by Manfred Paier, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)


Session 2: International Examples and Results of the Demand Side Management Implementing Agreement

Chair: Boris Papousek, Graz Energy Agency

The Demand Side Management Implementing Agreement: Strategies, Results and Highlights – presented by Rob Kool, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Chairman of the DSM Agreement

Integration of Demand Side Management, Energy Efficiency, Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy Sources – Systems view on enabling flexibility in the Smart Gridpresented by Matthias Stifter, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)

Role of Customers and the potential benefits in Smart Grids – IEA DSM Task 23presented by Linda Hull, E.A. Technology (UK)

Smart Grid developments and model projects in New Zealandpresented by Paul Atkins, CEO National Eergy Research Institute (NZ) and Chair of the New Zealand Smart Grid Forum


Session 3: New Tasks and Annexes within the IEA Research Cooperation

Chair: Sabine Mitter, Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit)

Short presentations according to the “pecha kucha” method

Solar Energy in Urban Planning – IEA SHC Task 51 – presented by Daiva Jakutyte-Walangitang, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)
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Closing the Loop – Behaviour Change in DSM: From Theory to Practice – IEA DSM Task 24presented by Boris Papousek, Graz Energy Agency
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Solar Thermal & Energy Economics in Urban Environments – IEA SHC Task 52presented by Franz Mauthner, AEE – Institut für Nachhaltige Technologien
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Fuel driven heat pumps – IEA HPP Annex 43 – presented by Johann Emhofer, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)
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Building energy performance characterization based on full scale dynamic measurements – IEA-EBC Annex 58 – presented by Gabriel Rojas-Kopeinig, University of Innsbruk
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Fluidized Bed Conversion – Implementing Agreement – presented by Franz Winter, Vienna University of Technology
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Electronic Devices and Networks EDNA – IEA 4E – presented by Michael Preisel, ECODESIGN company GmbH

Ventilative Cooling – EBC Annex 62 – presented by Peter Holzer, Institute of Building Research & Innovation GmbH (IBR)
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Energy from biogas and landfill gas  – IEA Bioenergy Task 37 – presented by Günther Bochmann, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, IFA Tulln
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Section 4: Break Out Sessions

Work out recommendations to the questions:

  • Group 1: How to better integrate companies in responsible role in IEA projects?
  • Group 2: How to improve coordination and information exchange between DSM and ISGAN Implementing Agreement?


Austrian participation in the IEA Energy Technology Network

Page on all Austrian IEA work: www.nachhaltigwirtschaften.at/iea/

Renewable Energy Working Party
Bioenergy: www.ieabioenergy.com
Concentrated Solar Power: www.solarpaces.org
Solar Heating and Cooling: www.iea-shc.com
Photovoltaic Power Systems: www.iea-pvps.org
Wind Energy Systems: www.ieawind.org

Fossil Fuel Working Party
Advanced Oil Recovery: www.iea-eor.ptrc.ca
Clean Coal Centre: www.iea-coal.org
Fluidised Bed Conversion: www.processing.biz/iea-fbc.org
Green House Gas R&D Programme: www.ieaghg.org

End Use Working Party
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Advanced Fuel Cells: www.ieafuelcell.com
International Smart Grids Action Network: www.iea-isgan.org
Energy in Buildings and Communities: www.iea-ebc.org

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