Technology Collaboration Programme

53rd Executive Committee meeting, April 2019 – Bern, Switzerland

Minutes 53rd Executive Committee meeting

Pre-Meeting Document (PMD)
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Part 2 Financial Report

Presentations at the ExCo meeting


Additional meeting informationSam Thomas

Energy Sector Behavioural Insights PlatformJeremy Sung

Proposal: What’s in an Algorithm? Towards inclusive and user-centred development for energy optimizationSylvia Breukers (DuneWorks), Tracey Cosbie (Teesside University) and Ruth Mourik (DuneWorks)

DSM TCP Strategy presentationDavid Shipworth

Best practices in Designing and Implementing Energy Efficiency Obligations 2.0Jan Rosenow

Peer-to-Peer and Community Self-Consumption ObservatoryAlexandra Schneiders (OA) and David Shipworth

IEA Secretariat NewsJeremy Sung

Hard to Reach Energy UsersSea Rotmann

Social Licence to AutomateDecland Kuch and Sophie Adams

Energy Services Supporting Business Models and SystemsRuth Mourik

DSM Day Workshop
Workshop presentations