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Hard-to-Reach Energy Users


There is a significant percentage of the human population (we estimate over 2/3 of energy users fall into it!) who can be regarded as “hard-to-reach energy users”. These are the people policymakers, utility programme managers and research experts are struggling to engage with – often, for good reason. Their barriers are often related to (dis)trust, stigma, shame or fear, which is why it is important to identify and engage trusted messengers or ‘navigators’, usually, from the community or frontline services. This very large energy user segment was the focus of Phase 1 of the HTR Task.

In Phase 2, we pursue two main purposes:

  1. To build on Phase 1 and examine the underlying causes (rather than just the symptoms) for energy injustice, as to ensure a “fair, orderly and equitable energy transition” (COP28) for all 
  2. To focus on “hidden” energy users, which includes those living in hidden hardship, those who choose to remain hidden on purpose, and those who are hidden because they are deprioritised by policy makers and programme managers.


Task Duration:

Phase 1:
June 2019 to May 2022 (1 year extension to October 2023)

Participating countries:
New Zealand, Sweden, United States of America

Phase 2:
November 2023 to October 2026

Participating countries:
New Zealand, Sweden, United States of America

For more information on the Task, please contact Dr Sea Rotmann

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