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The UsersTCP Academy builds on the success of a half century of webinars delivered through the DSM University. The current series provides access to the knowledge developed through our research programme and the wider work of our partners. The Academy is active through monthly webinars.

Next Webinar:  19 June at 3pm CEST

Behavioural Campaigns: Lessons learnt from the CampaignXchange Task

Join the upcoming session to learn about the outcomes of the CampaignXchange Task, and how the knowledge exchange in a community of practice added real value to the project.

Governments have many tools to encourage more efficient energy use, including mandates, subsidies, and information campaigns. More than 20 such campaigns were launched after the energy crisis to empower citizens to save energy. Speakers will share best practices that governments have reported throughout design, implementation and tracking of energy-saving campaigns. Once a campaign is launched, continuous evaluation of the effectiveness is key to garnering internal support and improving overall impact of the messages. Several strategies for incorporating the evaluation framework into campaign implementation will be discussed.

Additionally, this interactive session is meant to get your perspective on the role of behavioural insights in energy efficiency policymaking.

The work under the CampaignXchange Task took place from June 2023 until the end of May of 2024. Participating countries included Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom. The Task was coordinated by the IEA Office of Energy Efficiency and Inclusive Transitions.

Presented by;
  • Emma Mooney and Lucas Boehlé, IEA Energy Efficiency Analysts.

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