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The UsersTCP Academy builds on the success of a half century of webinars delivered through the DSM University. The current series provides access to the knowledge developed through our research programme and the wider work of our partners. The Academy is active through monthly webinars.

Next Webinar:  11 October 2023 at 3pm CEST

Understanding the role of gender, age and income in demand side management participation potential – results of a literature review and two case studies.

In order to reach the full potential of the increased demand side flexibility needed for the energy transition, end-users need to be on board with allowing automated processes to impact their energy consumption. To allow for broad upscaling of such automated demand side management (DSM) programs that provide fair and inclusive participation opportunities, a differentiated perspective on users is needed. We will present insights from a critical literature analysis focusing on consideration of and existing knowledge on the impact of gender, age and income on both participation potential and willingness, as well as core participation barriers that were identified. For a more in-depth look we then delve into two case studies, examining interests and motivations behind energy-related choices in 31 European countries, as well as the results of a field study with an automated home energy management support application from a gender- and diversity-sensitive perspective. We conclude with an outlook on our upcoming activities, aiming to define core factors to consider for inclusive and community-oriented policy and DSM program design to achieve “social license to automate”.

Presented by Lisa Diamond, Scientist at AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology) and Giulia Garzon, Junior Researcher in the Department of Economics at EI-JKU (Energieinstitut an der JKU Linz).


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