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The UsersTCP Academy builds on the success of a half century of webinars delivered through the DSM University. The current series provides access to the knowledge developed through our research programme and the wider work of our partners. The Academy is active through monthly webinars.

Next Webinar:  28 February at 3pm CET

Improving consumer engagement with demand-response – introducing the new Users TCP guidebook.

In this Academy session, we will explore what it takes to motivate consumers to become more flexible: by adopting new habits, new technologies, and participating in demand-response programmes. We will introduce a new guidebook that we designed for policymakers and energy suppliers to help them apply behavioural insights to encourage demand flexibility, and ultimately safe and reliable grid for the future.

Presented by the Users TCP Behavioural Insights Platform Task Leaders, Ondrej Kacaha and Jesper Akesson from The Behaviouralist


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