Technology Collaboration Programme


2023/24 Annual Report

The 2023 Annual Report is now available to view. This report provides an overview of the activities and outputs of the UsersTCP and its Tasks during 2023.

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Developing a household energy planner through norm creative design

Boid’s part in subtask 3 aimed to explore and implement norm critical design at a practical level. Boid’s contribution was to develop and implement technical interventions that support inclusive energy use and challenge prevailing norms in sustainable energy consumption in the specific context of Swedish households.

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Emerging Best Practices Brief

This overview paper summarises best practices that governments have reported throughout design, implementation and tracking of energy-saving campaigns. The insights are drawn from the information provided by the Task

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Energy consulting: A tool for inclusion?

This case study was conducted within the Gender & Energy Task and analyzes to what extent the instrument of company-independent energy consulting in Austria addresses different target groups and takes gender and diversity aspects into account.

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