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User-Centered Energy Systems

The User-Centred Energy Systems mission is to provide evidence from socio-technical research on the design, social acceptance and usability of clean energy technologies to inform policy making for clean, efficient and secure energy transitions.

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New GO-P2P Case Study Repository launched

The GO-P2P Case Study Repository website is now live! This platform presents a collection of case studies representing Peer-to-Peer, Transactive Energy and Community/Collective Self-Consumption projects implemented around the world.

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A conceptual analysis of gendered energy care work and epistemic injustice through a case study of Zanzibar’s Solar Mamas

Energy and climate transitions bear an inherent risk of replicating historically embedded unjust gendered norms in the current energy regimes. Positioning our work within critical feminist scholarship, our study emphasizes the embedded nature of energy technologies within respective socio-economic, institutional and cultural contexts. We argue that interventions prioritizing care and knowledge in decentralized, locally managed energy provisioning have the potential to disrupt established gender relations.

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Gender & Energy Task: Netherlands case study

This case study contributes to providing an understanding of the systematic inertias in the sociotechnical energy system that appear to be hindering the development and implementation of gender aware energy policies. The case study focuses on a condition known as ‘energy poverty’ and how it is currently addressed in the context of the Netherlands.

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User-Centered Energy Systems Academy

The UsersTCP Academy builds on the success of a half century of webinars delivered through the DSM University. The new series provides access to the knowledge developed through our research programme and the work of our partners.

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