Energy Systems

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The User-Centred Energy Systems mission is to provide evidence from socio-technical research on the design, social acceptance and usability of clean energy technologies to inform policy making for clean, efficient and secure energy transitions.

About Business Models and Systems
This Annex focuses on identifying measures and instruments that support the creation and uptake of user-centered energy services and new energy business models.

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About Hard-to-Reach Energy Users
This Annex enables participating countries to improve outcomes by applying lessons learned from collaboration with other countries and global experts...

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About Social License to Automate
This Annex builds case studies of leading automated demand side management projects to understand key social, organisational, economic and regulatory determinants of successful engagement and...

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About Global Observatory on Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading
This Annex (the Observatory) is a forum for international collaboration to understand the policy, regulatory, social and technological conditions necessary to support the wider deployment of P2P...

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About Energy Sector Behavioural Insights Platform
The Energy Sector Behavioural Insights Platform brings together government policy makers and other experts to share knowledge and experiences applying Behavioural Insights to energy...

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About Gender & Energy Annex
The Gender & Energy Annex will gather researchers from the fields of gender and energy in a global network to analyse energy policy and technologies from gender perspectives and provide recommendations for policy design and implementation.

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About The Academy

The UsersTCP Academy builds on the success of a half century of webinars delivered through the DSM University. The new series provides access to the knowledge developed through our research programme and the wider work of our partners. The Academy is active through monthly webinars.

'Socio-technical research to inform policy making for clean, efficient, and secure energy transitions'
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