Task 1 Subtask 8 – International Database on DSM Technologies and Programmes


Task I – Subtask 8 focused on developing a database on DSM programmes (INDEEP database) and analysing the data. The Task developed a methodology to collect data and present it in order to aid utilities and governments to design EE-DSM programmes which reach more customers and save more energy at lower cost.

Achieved Results


The INDEEP database started in 1994 as an international tool for:

  • inspiring the design and planning of new DS and energy efficiency activities
  • comparing the user’s own programmes with similar types of programmes and evaluations
  • providing access to contacts concerning different types of DSM, thus creating a network

By July 2004 the database contained 229 quality controlled programmes from 14 countries.



Belgium, Denmark, France, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Republic of Korea, Sweden

Task duration:  May 1994 – October 2003


NetherlandsOperating AgentHarry Vreuls
AustraliaContractorVerity Saunders
BelgiumNational ExpertWillem de Groote
BelgiumExCo memberChristian Ferdinand
DenmarkNational ExpertCasper Kofod
FranceNational ExpertHerve Lefebvre
JapanNational ExpertToru Matsumura
JapanNational ExpertMitsuharu Sugano
KoreaNational ExpertSeungchan Chang
SpainNational ExpertFeliz Martinez
SpainNational ExpertGerardo González
SwedenNational ExpertLena Neij
SwedenNational ExpertAnders Lewald