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Task 20 – Branding of Energy Efficiency

Task 20 – Branding of Energy Efficiency


Task 20 built upon the results of IEA DSM Task 7: Market Transformation. While DSM Task 7 took the initial step towards developing a framework for market transformation, it was time to evolve a comprehensive framework that could be used by government and industry to develop the market for energy efficient products.

Achieved Results

The Primary Objective of this Task was to ‘Develop cogent and comprehensive framework for promotion of branding of energy efficiency in electricity markets at different level of maturity’.

The Task focused on three levels of branding:

1) Products/services and suppliers,
2) Consumers, and
3) Strategies


1) Identified case studies and develop best practices in branding EE – products, services, programmes and companies and
2) Identified the role of institutional structures and government support in developing successful branding strategies.

Based on the comparative analysis of the case studies on various parameters (e.g.,branding practices and performance) key drivers and barriers for successful EE branding practices and the relevant learning needed to develop strategies for promoting EE were identified. Recommended branding aspects when developing strategies to promote EE are:

  • Design and development of logo/ label
  • Branding message
  • Multimedia marketing & marketing campaign
  • Partnership with government institutions
  • Energy programmes/initiatives partnership with labelling programmes
  • Government regulations and regimes
  • Sustainability initiatives


France, India, Spain and United States

Task duration: January 2011 – October 2014


IndiaBalawant JoshiOperating Agent
FranceJohan RansquinNational Expert
SpainAsier Molto LlovetNational Expert
United StatesJayant SathayeNational Expert


Research Report on Best Practices in Branding of Energy Efficiency – September 2014

Research Report on Case Studies in Branding of Energy Efficiency – September 2014

Task 20 Flyer