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Task 21 – Standardisation of Energy Savings Calculations

Task 21 – Standardisation of Energy Savings Calculations


During the period 2009-2014, Task 21 researched options for harmonising energy savings calculations, contributed to easier comparisons of international energy savings and researched next steps to further harmonise energy savings calculations.

Achieved Results

The overall aim of DSM Task 21 was to identify basic concepts, calculation rules and systems for Energy Savings Calculations (ESC) standards. Both energy savings and emissions avoidance calculation methods and standards were evaluated for efficiency activities. Additionally a methodology was developed to nominate and describe the Demand Response products1. The Task also explored how and by what type of organisations these draft standards could be used (and improved) to increase international comparison evaluation of policies and measures. The Task focused on harmonisation and on preparation work to ease the work of standardization bodies like CEN and ISO.

The three primarily objectives of the Task were:

  • Summarize and compare the current methods and standards used for determining energy use, energy demand and energy and emissions savings from energy efficiency actions and policies.
  • Identify the organizations that are and could be responsible for use and maintenance of such methods and standards.
  • Recommend how existing methods, standards and resources could be expanded and/or used for comparing different national and international efficiency policies and actions.

The actual research was carried out by the country experts, the Operating Agent, inputs from (experts involved in) standardisation bodies and Operating Agents and reports from other relevant IEA DSM Tasks. In general, the experts were responsible for identifying and obtaining information on ESC standards in their countries. The Operating Agent was responsible for mobilising inputs and comments from standardisation bodies, from other IEA DSM Tasks, and for analysing and drawing conclusions from the information provided by the experts.

Two regional (Europe and Asia) workshops were organised. In Addition to mobilising input for standardisation bodies the developed work was presented in a format to be used for training purposes.

The Task

  • Identified national and regional existing energy saving calculation (ESC) standards and standards under development and most important reports for use in developing ESC standards;
  • Identified what basic concepts, calculation rules and systems are in use in these ESC standards;
  • Developed within the framework of basic concepts a methodology to nominate and describe the several Demand Response products;
  • Identified how and why these standards are or will be used in reporting on energy efficiency improvements, energy savings and impact evaluations for policies and measures including estimating and reporting greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Identified what organisations could be responsible for the maintenance and future development of these standards and conditions to do such a work;
  • Explored to what extent the basic concepts, calculation rules and systems could be organised in such a way that (inter)national organisation can use these to improve international comparison (ahead of implementation of new standards);
  • Explored how these standards can be used in national saving calculation;
  • Explored how these standards can improve international comparable evaluation of policies and measures


Austria, France, Republic of Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and United States.

Task duration: 2009 – 2014


NetherlandsOperating AgentHarry Vreuls
AustriaNational Expert
FranceNational ExpertCyrielle Borde
FranceNational ExpertBruno Lapillonne
Repulic of KoreaNational ExpertHyeong-Jung Kim
NetherlandsNational ExpertCees Maas
NorwayNational ExpertEven Bjørnstad
SpainNational ExpertAsier Moltó Lovet
SwitzerlandNational ExpertMarkus Bareit
SwitzerlandNational ExpertVeronique Merckx
United StatesNational ExpertSteven R. Schiller


Final Report on Energy Savings Calculation

Roadmaps Improved Harmonised ESC Final

Task 21: Country Report France Final – August 2012
Task 21: Country Report Korea Final – October 2012
Task 21: Country Report Netherlands Final – July 2012
Task 21: Country Report Norway Final – September 2012
Task 21: Country Report Spain Final – September 2012
Task 21: Country Report USA Final – September 2012

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