Task 22 – Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standards


The primary objective of IEA DSM Task 22, Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standards, was to develop a best practice guide for the design, development, implementation and monitoring of Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standards (EEPS).

Experts from countries with EEPS programmes and countries planning to introduce EEPS programme participated. Participation in the Task helped countries review their programmes beyond any existing boundaries and consider a broader approach. Experts also analysed inter-linkages between EEPS schemes and other schemes, such as energy efficiency, renewable energy and emissions trading.

Achieved Results

  • Participants analysed various approaches, including Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standards (EEPS) approaches adopted to promote EE and assessed their efficacy.
  • Participants analysed design parameters (e.g., participants, coverage, timing and duration, enforcement mechanism, funding, and measurement and verification) and developed best practices for implementing EEPS.
  • Participants identified and engaged various stakeholder groups in the dissemination of information on developing EEPS.


Publication of Best Practices in Designing and Implementing Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes. This report covers 19 EEO schemes implemented in a range of jurisdictions around the world.

Despite the diversity of EEO schemes, three broad schemes were identified:

  1. Schemes with quantitative energy saving targets that have been established relatively independently, often with their own enabling legislation.
  2. Schemes with quantitative energy saving targets that are integral components of resource planning and acquisition by the obligated energy providers.
  3. Schemes with quantitative energy saving targets that have been established principally by governments as integral



India, Spain and the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)

Task duration: 2010 – 2011


IndiaOperating AgentBalawant Joshi
IndiaNational ExpertManu Maudgal
SpainNational ExpertAsier Molto llovet
RAP (Sponsor)National ExpertFrederick R. Weston