Technology Collaboration Programme

Getting them all on board: an interactive tool for guiding meaningful public engagement in energy infrastructure projects.

Achieving international climate and energy goals will require a rapid and profound transformation of our energy system. This process affects people all over the world. Public engagement is therefore crucial to ensure that society’s views, needs and concerns are considered, and that a truly just and inclusive energy transition is pursued. To faciliate this, the Public Engagement for Energy Infrastructure Task has developed an interactive guide to support project promoters, policymakers, and civil society. Join us to learn more about our guide, how to use it and how you can benefit from such a tool!


Presented by the Users TCP Public Engagement in Energy Infrastructure Task Leaders, Diana Süsser, Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy (IEECP) and the Nathália Fernandes Pimentel and Ira Shefer, Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI).