Technology Collaboration Programme

When: 25 October 2019 @ 9:00 am – 7:00 pm


Friday morning (10:00-12:00): Social License and Automation Workshop
Audience: ExCo and Selected experts

Expert speakers discuss challenges concerning social license and automation in Australia and other jurisdictions. Topics covered will include a review of key trials, lessons from other sectors, and lessons for international and Australian stakeholders.

Friday afternoon: (14:00-17:00): User-Centred Energy Systems: Promises and Possibilities
Audience: ExCo, key Australian stakeholders, selected experts and policymakers

What does a shift to ‘user-centred’ energy systems mean for users? What about energy suppliers, policymakers, networks, and retailers? This event will bring together key Australian and international stakeholders to discuss how a greater focus on end-users provides new opportunities and challenges. The interactive event will involve a mix of expert panels featuring local and international experts, and close with a public lecture by David Shipworth.

Friday evening: sunset social drinks overlooking Bondi Beach