Technology Collaboration Programme

7th GO-P2P Meeting at TU Delft with focus on case studies

Last week we held our 7th GO-P2P Meeting at TUDelft. Two informative and intense days of expert presentations and lively discussions on the development of Local Energy Markets to create a resilient, secure and democratic energy system of the future.

The first day was dedicated to energy hubs and included a workshop organised in collaboration with User-Centred Energy Systems TCP, Netherlands Enterprise Agency and TU Delft PowerWeb Institute. Presentations focused on the social, economic and environmental challenges critical to the implementation of EnergyHubs.

The second day, themed ‘Making Local Energy Markets a Reality’, focused on the challenge of moving from pilots to a widespread implementation of Local Energy Markets (LEM). We enjoyed insightful presentations from our industry experts Marc Costa, Justin Pagden, Thomas Walter, Byung Chun Yoo and Abhigyan Singh who shared their experiences of designing and operating local energy markets in real-world conditions.

Presentations by our GO-P2P members Tarek Alskaif and Valentin Robu highlighted the ‘reality gap’ between desired LEM outcomes and the current status quo. They emphasised the importance of designing markets and communities that ensure an equitable distribution of benefits. Our guest speaker Carissa Champlin highlighted the importance of transdisciplinary methods such as co-design to put users at the centre of the transformation.

GO-P2P is now entering its final work phase. We will be collecting data from pilot projects to generate a rich dataset that will provide the relevant insights and evidence needed to make informed decisions to accelerate the uptake of LEMs. Special thanks to our subtask leaders Lucila de Almeida, Declan Kuch and Ruzanna Chitchyan for their presentations and active involvement in GO-P2P and for driving the data analysis and research.

Some background: GO-P2P is a forum for international collaboration to understand the policy, regulatory, social and technological conditions needed to support the wider adoption of Peer-to-Peer, Community Self-Consumption and Transactive Energy models. If you are interested in submitting a Case Study to our repository, learning more about GO-P2P, or getting involved in the fantastic work our community is doing, please feel free to contact me or explore our project page.