Technology Collaboration Programme

Canada joins the UsersTCP

We are delighted to welcome Canada as the first country to join the UsersTCP since we relaunched in Melbourne, Australia late last year. Abla Hanna, Senior Director of the Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada, and the country’s delegate on the UsersTCP’s Executive Committee, said:

“I am pleased to represent Canada as an Executive Committee member of the UsersTCP. Our team at Natural Resources Canada is excited to work together with international counterparts to explore and better understand the role of users within energy systems to drive energy efficiency and accelerate the energy transition. To advance these objectives, Canada has joined the new Energy Sector Behavioural Insights Platform Annex. We look forward to learning about ways in which various jurisdictions across the world are applying behavioural insights to energy policy and incorporating this new knowledge and best practices to energy efficiency policy-making here in Canada.”