Technology Collaboration Programme

Final Country Report of Phase 1 HTR Task: United States

This is the final report deliverable to conclude Phase 1 of our HTR Task, with special focus on our U.S. funder and National Expert, the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. We summarise the main findings and recommendations from each Subtask of our 4-year Task, and provide links to the huge amount of deliverables and work completed so far:

  • 2 peer-reviewed scientific publications
  • 1 e-Book
  • 11 conference proceedings
  • 20+ reports and white papers
  • over 80 presentations, seminars, keynotes and plenaries
  • 5 webinars
  • 2 training programmes
  • 1 programme database
  • Over 20 confidential client reports that fed data into field research insights


DOWNLOAD the report: Final Country Report HTR Task Phase 1 – United States


We are now starting Phase 2 where we address how to identifies areas of energy injustice and how to ensure a just energy transition for those energy users who remain hidden from current programmes and interventions. We are still looking for new participants and collaborators, so please join us! More information is available on our webpage: