Technology Collaboration Programme

October 2019 Melbourne Workshop – All-Energy Australia and Energy Efficiency Expo Conference

More than 200 prominent speakers presented at All-Energy Australia 2019, delivering two days of presentations across an expanded 7-stream conference program. The sessions covered the latest innovations, energy policy and government initiatives and project developments across solar and wind, hydrogen, bioenergy, energy storage and more.


Professor David Shipworth, Energy and the Built Environment, UCL Energy Institute

Darren Miller, CEO, ARENA

Lior Handelsman, Founder, SolarEdge

Rob Murray-Leach, Head of Policy, Energy Efficiency Council

Future Energy and the Grid/Smart Grid

How do we design a grid with the consumer and prosumer in mind

Marija Petkovic, Managing Director, Energy Synapse

Aylin Cunsolo, Special Counsel, Baker McKenzie

Craig Burton, Consultant, Generation Shared

Gavin Dietz, CEO, Wattwatchers

Unlocking the full potential of DER on the grid with VPPs

Dr Andrew Mears, CEO & Founder, SwitchDin

Ian Askell, Senior Engineer Demand Management , Essential Energy and Asanka Paranamana, Distributed Energy Engineer, AusNet Services

Bryn Williams, Future Network Strategy Manager, SA Power Networks

Matt Armitage, Principal Analyst – Emerging Markets, Australian Energy Market Operator

Exploring Tasmania’s significant potential to support a NEM in transition

Panelists: The Hon Guy Barnett MP, Tasmania’s Minister for Energy, Lance Balcombe, CEO, TasNetworks, Steve Davy, CEO, Hydro Tasmania

Technical innovation and future modelling

Ian Waight, COO, Solar Analytics

Kirrily Noonan, Manager, Distributed Energy, DELWP

Dr Paddy Finn, Founder and Director, Electricity Exchange


A look at the most recent changes, where the current demands are and innovative system designs

Nigel Morris, Business Development Manager, Solar Analytics

Ric Brazzale, Group Chairman, Green Energy Markets

Yannick Zapf, Head of C&I Solar PV, Clean Technology Partners

Russell Wiese, Partner, Hunt & Hunt Lawyers, and Vince Mobilio VP Sales and Marketing, Clenergy Australia

Navigating the large-scale solar transition

Sarah Morton, Senior Analyst, Green Energy Markets

Peter Wheale, Vice President of Sales Australia and APAC, NEXTracker

Unlocking the full potential of commercial systems

Peter Leeson, Director, 2010

Peter Leeson, Director, 2010

Dr Zhengrong Shi, Chair, SunMan

Dru Sutton, VP Sales, Solaria

Electric Vehicle – Run by the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia

What is happening in Australia to date: On the ground experience in the Australian EV market

Zoe Hilson, Partner, Baker McKenzie

Paul Fox, Cofounder, Evie Networks

Wim Elshout, e-Mobility Area Manager, ABB

State of play for EV infrastructure

Marty Andrews, CEO, Chargefox

Nick Zeltzer, Manager, Business Development & Transactions, ARENA

Rob Law, Executive Officer, Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance

EVs and the grid

Lance Douglass, Director Strategy and Partnerships, Everty

Olivia Laskowski, Promoter EVSE, Siemens

Laura Jones, Innovation Engineer, TasNetworks

Wind Energy

State of the industry and project projections

Jerome Rowcroft, Senior Renewable Energy Engineer, Middleton Group

Bret Harper, Director of Research, RepuTex


Where we stand on energy policy and how it impacts Australia’s renewable energy future

Mark Williamson, Executive General Manager, Clean Energy Regulator

Anthony Seipolt, Advisor, Australian Energy Regulator

Matthew Bowen, Partner and Practive Group Leader, Energy and Regulation, Jackson McDonald

Huon Hoogesteger, Founder, Smart Commercial Solar

Finance and Investment

Risk finance availability for new technology

Mark Bonnar, Managing Director, Southern Cross Venture Partners

Bev Thomas, Director, Innovation Fund, CEFC

James Tilbury, CEO & Co-Founder, EnergyLab

Shawn Moorhead, Global Partnerships Manager & EEx Fund One Elemental Excelerator

Power price forecasting

Jordan Greaves, Trader/Analyst, Edge Energy Systems

Lance Hoch, Executive Director, Oakley Greenwood

Gilles Walgenwitz, General Manager, Energy and Carbon Markets, Energetics

Investment models relevant to energy assets

Lane Crockett, Head of Renewable Infrastructure, Impact Investment Group

Jordan Berryman, Senior Director- Alternative Investments, JLL

Philip Graham, CEO, CleanPeak Energy

Project lifecycle assessments for large scale systems

Mike Rand, Managing Director, Blueshore

Daniel Nugent, Portfolio Development Leader, EnergyAustralia

Kate Phillips, Partner, Baker McKenzie

Megan Raynal, Director, Maven Libera

Energy and Agriculture Industry

Agriculture and renewables

Anne Dansey, Senior Strategy and Governance Manager – Low Emission Resource, Department of Economic Development

George Wang, Manager, Energy and Climate Change, Point Advisory

Gabriel Hakim, Director, AgVet Energy

Richard Martin, Managing Director, Australian Energy Efficient Solutions

Market Mechanisms

A global shift to DER flexibility markets

Phil Blythe, CEO, GreenSync

Deep dive into understanding and negotiating corporate PPA’s

Dr Chris Briggs, Business Renewables Centre Australia

Michael Parker, President Molycop Australasia

Kevin Yeo, Director, CFO Advisory, KPMG

Dean Travers, GM Asset Development, ENGIE

Energy Storage

Behind-the-Meter strategies

John White, Senior Account Manager, Morningstar Corporation

James Sturch, Technical Director APAC, sonnen Australia

Patrick Matweew, CEO, Redback Technologies

Richard Schoenemann tiko Energy Solutions

Technical overviews and operational enablers

Mohamed Mostafa, Business Development Manager – Industrial Storage Solution, SMA Solar Technology

Peter Morrow, Director, Auspac Energy Technologies

Stephen Richardson, Senior Technology Innovation Engineer, Ergon Energy

A look at the benefits and implementation of alternative energy storage systems

Marco Assorati, Executive Director Asia Pacific, Salini-Impregilo

Greg Allen, Managing Director, Hydrostor Inc

Mathew Brett, Business Development Director, Highview Power

Dr Saugato Mukerji, Founder, Solid Pumped Hydro Energy Storage and Peter Gibson, Associate Professor, School of Mechanical, Materials & Mechatronics Engineering, University of Wollongong

Unlocking the value of large scale systems with energy storage

Tristan Edis, Director – Analysis & Advisory, Green Energy Markets

Lachlan Bateman, Managing Director & Head of Hybrid Energy Systems, Clean Technology Partners

Jaad Cabbabe, Senior Manager – Business Development, Fluence

Alan Coller, Director, Grid Services & Business Development SolarEdge

Project finance and bankability

Kevin Nitschke, Business Development Manager – Energy, Lockheed Martin

Warwick Forster, Managing Director, Apogee Energy

Shavaj Kallamkote, Co-founder and CTO, carbonTRACK

Government Initiatives

Local Council Initiatives

Philip Woods, Energy Projects Officer, Sunshine Coast Council

Julian Guess, Sustainability Officer, Yarra Ranges Council

Ian Foster, Commercial Solar Team Leader , Enhar

New state, territory and national policies, programs and grants in renewable energy

Daniel Harding, Director of Energy Markets and Renewables, Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate, ACT

Stan Krpan, CEO, Solar Victoria

Richard Webster, Principal Industry Development Officer, Department of Energy and Mining, South Australia

Amy Kean A/Executive Director, Energy Delivery & Coordination, Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, NSW

Andrew Burnett, Director of Transition to Lower Carbon, Queensland

David Parker, Chair, Clean Energy Regulator

Leigh Kennedy, Manager Energy Resources & Energy, Austrade

Kate Whitehead, Managing Director, Avant Group

Innovative Energy Technology

What we can look forward to, global innovations and different energy models (AI & Energy 4.0)

Jikku Jose, Co-Founder, Qucentis, Gopa Balakrishnan, Director, Ausind Business Solutions and Dr Peter O’Neill, Senior Lecturer, Monash University

Gavin Mooney, Solutions Advisor – Utilities, SAP

James Seymour, CEO, C4NET

Matt Grantham, Business Development Manager, Billcap


Biomass developments

Andrew Lang, Senior Consultant, World Bioenergy Association

Julie Bird, Manager Australian Biomass for Bioenergy Assessment

Sohum Gandhi, Director, Enriva

Daryl Scherger, Consultant, Pyrenees Shire

Waste to energy initiatives

Co-presenters: Mendo Kundevski, Principal, ENEA Consulting and Trang Truong, Senior Analyst, ENEA Consulting

Robert D’Arcy, Director, Waste Mining

Dr Gareth Forde, Principal Engineer, All Energy


A ‘Just Transition’ approach to a clean energy future

Kellie Caught, Senior Advisor, Climate and Energy, Australian Council of Social Services

Dean Lombard, Senior Energy Analyst, Renew

Scott Connolly, Assistant Secretary, ACTU

Tools and technology to optimise the future of the Smart Home

Rex Wang, Australian Market Specialist, Growatt

Ivan Fernandez, Industry Director – Australia and NZ, Frost & Sullivan

Rob Smeets, Director, Tempus Energy

Consultation strategies

Melinda Scaringi, Director, Ellis Jones and Javier Blanco Fernández, Country Manager, Enel Green Power Australia

Mirjam Tome, Senior Manager, Project Development Asia Pacific, First Solar

Kirsten Lee, Community Relations Coordinator, ACCIONA

Grid Integration, Security and Reliability

Where we are at with transmission and integration

Ravi Kumar, Principal Power Systems Engineer, AECOM

Dan Sturrock, ARENA

Dor Son Tan, Network Solutions Project Manager at CitiPower and Powercor and Pierre Lelong, Manager, ENEA Consulting

Dr Bjorn Sturmberg, Research Leader, Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program, The Australian National University

Optimising the network

Dr Terese Milford, Snr Future Technologies Development Engineer, Energex

Ariel Liebman, Director Grid Innovation Hub, Monash University

Dr Yogendra Vashishtha, Senior Demand Management Engineer, Jemena

Jon Cape, Managing Director, iPower Energy UK

Project Development

Opportunities, design and forecasting

Alison Dodd, Elizabeth Charlesworth, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills

Aris Hovardas, GM of Sales, Todae Solar

Beatriz Toribio López, Asset Management Services, Senior Manager, Blueshore


Innovation in the deployment of hydrogen

Matt Walden, Business Development and Transactions Director, ARENA

Dr Dennis Van Puyvelde, Head of Gas, Energy Networks Australia

Billy Chan, Senior Engineer, BOC Limited

Opportunities for Australia as a major exporter in the future

Noel Dunlop, Executive Director, ANT Energy Systems

Alan Kneisz, Business Development Director, Hydrogenics Corp


Minimising the rise of safety incidents in the renewable energy industry

Melissa Carnell, Senior Associate and Katherine Morris, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright Australia

Roger Lin, Vice President – Marketing, NEC Energy Solutions

Phil Cotton, Operations Manager Energy & Technology Lendlease Services– Warwick Solar Farm


Reviewing the economics

Tony Pearson, Managing Director, Future Energy

Cameron Chapman, Commercial Engineering Manager, WEL Networks

Mohadeseh Ganji, Data science lead, Mondo

Barrett Ens, Lecturer, Monash University

The new normal?

Jason Ah Sam, Regional Manager Capital Projects, infrastructure & Property Group, Deakin University

Shaun Scallan, Institutional Program Manager, Planet Ark Power


Meeting the booming demand for large scale renewable energy construction projects by assessing the skills, training and knowledge transfer needs

Scott Robinson, Managing Director, Phillip Riley

Scott Robinson, Managing Director, Phillip Riley

Alex Newman, Executive Officer, Future Energy Skills

Energy Efficiency Expo

Energy Solutions: Businesses Taking Control

Navigating a Dynamic Energy Landscape

Peter Dobney, GM Resources and Energy, Orora

Lisa Zembrodt, Director Operations – Energy Markets, Schneider Electric

Gábor Hilton, Consulting Engineer, Oxford Cold Storage

Andrew Dyer, National Energy Program Manager, Coles

Manufacturers: Driving Productivity Through Smart Energy Management

Nick Balgue, Manager, Sustainable Business, Sustainability Victoria

Richard van Beveren, Health, Safety and Environment Manager, Robert Bosch Australia

Agribusiness and Food Processors: Smart Energy Use From Farm to Plate

Alan Pears, RMIT


Esther Bailey, Head of Market Development, NABERS

Jorge Chapa, Head of Market Transformation, Green Building Council of Australia


Christopher Iape, Project Lead, Sustainable Buildings, Sustainability Victoria

Azheem Haseeb, Building Performance & Sustainability, Siemens

Michael Gibbs, Manager Sustainability Strategy, Deakin University


Sam Burke, Director, Land & Property, Commercial Division, Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance

Liam Henderson, Sustainability Officer, City of Melbourne

Ben Spedding, Energy and Resource Recovery Manager, South East Water

Andrea Pape, Strategic Coordinator, Regions, Communities & Local Government, Sustainability Victoria

Policy Focus: Balancing Demand and Supply

Unlocking Value in a Distributed Energy System

Tony Fullelove, Enterprise Fellow, Monash University Scott Ferraro, Monash – Microgrid Electricity Market

Alexandra Schneiders, UCL Energy Institute

Enabling Demand Response for Households and SMEs

Dr Declan Kuch, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UNSW

Jeffrey Renaud, Managing Director Asia & Oceania, Enel X

Violette Mouchaileh, Executive General Manager, Emerging Markets and Services, Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)

McGee Young, Chief Technology Officer, Recurve

Supporting Hard-To-Reach Energy Consumers

Lynne Gallagher, Director Research, Energy Consumers Australia

Residential: The Pathway to healthy, Comfortable Homes

Jodie Pipkorn, Director, Residential Buildings, Department of the Environment and Energy

Inge Sarunic, Senior Project Delivery Lead – Zero Net Carbon Homes, Sustainability Victoria

Anthony Wright, Research Lead, CSIRO Energy

Donna Luckman, CEO, Renew

Energy Efficiency Schemes: Meeting the Energy Challenges of the Next Decade 

Ric Brazzale Board and Policy, ESIA & Managing Director, Green Energy Markets

Merrily Hunter, Director, MAC Energy Efficiency Group

Stuart Edgley Managing Director, Emerald Planet

Craig Morgan, Managing Director, Northmore Gordon

Jack Brown, Senior Policy Officer, Energy Demand & Efficiency, Policy, Department of Environment Land, Water and Planning, Victorian Government

Driving Innovation: The Race for 2030

Jon Jutsen, CEO, A2EP


Energy Transformation Theatre –  Exhibition Floor

Residential & Commercial

Nathan Oxley, Edge Electrons

Mike Rainbow, Associate Principal, Ark Resources

Richard Keech, Senior Consultant, Enhar Consulting

Ray Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Carbon Neutral

Roy Arindam, Vice President – APAC , BuildingIQ

Dave Collins, Director, Positive Energy Places

Deane Gudsell, National Development Manager, Captech and Jason Flynn, Operations Manager, Caneland Central – Lendlease

Hugh Bartram, A/Manager, Scorecard, Energy, DELWP

Shavaj Kallamkote, Co-founder and CTO, CarbonTrack

Luke Konynenburg, CEO, Green Energy Trading

Dr David Evans, Australian Modern Building Alliance


James Hill, Assistant Director, Policy Analysis, Department of the Environment and Energy

James Clements, C&I Specialist and Business Development Manager, Wattwatchers

Robert D’Arcy, Director, Waste Mining

Harry Troedel, Director, Seacombe West & David Coote, Managing Director, Analytical Engines

Scott Bocskay, CEO, Sustainable Australia Fund

Jeff Bye, Director, Demand Manager

Gemma McGrory, Director, Sol Viva

David Blyth, Principal Consultant, Northmore Gordon

Adam Carey, Regional Business Manager, Delta Electronic

Joel Dobrogosz, Senior Channel Manager Sustainability, NSW Business Chamber