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Drivers and barriers of public engagement in energy infrastructure – Check now the Report from the Public Engagement Task

The Public Engagement for Energy Infrastructure Task has published its first report and slide pack on drivers and barriers of public engagement in energy infrastructure.

Public engagement for energy infrastructure is of increasing importance as public opposition to projects such as wind farms or electricity grids poses challenges to meeting climate and energy targets. As energy infrastructure moves closer to people’s homes, there is a call for effective and meaningful public engagement on energy infrastructure projects. But what drives or retains public engagement in energy infrastructure?

The report investigates common socio-psychological, socio-technical and institutional challenges and drivers for effective public engagement in energy infrastructure, and explores how barriers can be overcome. It analyzes both the drivers and barriers for people engaging with energy and for developers and institutions engaging with people.

Alongside the report, we also prepared a Factsheet and Slide Pack to summarise its content. Download all the materials below!