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Social License to Automate – Final Report & Executive Summary released

The Social License to Automate Task has investigated the social dimensions of user engagement with automated technologies in energy systems to understand how end-user trust to automate is built and maintained in different jurisdictions and cultural settings. The rapid uptake of renewable energy systems will require new automated technologies to balance energy supplies. Some developers are looking to locate these in households where energy is being used. This saves moving the energy from centralised generation sites (remote hydro, solar or wind).

So would you trust an aggregator to control your battery or plugged-in EV to help keep the lights on?

Our findings from this 2 year project with 16 researchers in 6 countries and 26 Case studies spanning electric vehicles, home and precinct batteries, air conditioners and other heat pumps is now available, along with an Executive Summary and our recent webinar.

Full Report – Emerging Approaches to Demand Side Management

Executive Summary