Task 1 Subtask 9 – Evaluation Guidebook on the impact of DSM and Energy Efficiency Programmes for Kyoto’s GHG Targets


The work in this Task aimed at developing, testing, and promoting an evaluation guidebook for governmental and non-governmental Energy Efficiency Programmes and also for (utility) DSM programmes targeted towards energy end-users and focussed on GHG reductions to meet Kyoto’s targets.


Many governments have signed the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol to this Convention. Also the EU Directive for Buildings Performance (EDBP) and the (fore coming) EU Directive on Energy End-use and Energy Services (ESD) request demonstrable progress and verified savings. In the light of these developments experts from Sweden, the Netherlands, Korea, Italy, France, Denmark, Canada and Belgium worked together to prepare an evaluation Guidebook, which consists of two volumes. Volume I deals with evaluation theory and advises on how to conduct evaluations for five types of policy measures and programmes and Volume II holds over thirty evaluation case examples.

Achieved Results

The main approach involved using national and international expertise to collect and judge the information on EE and DSM project- and programme evaluations. The national expertise included experiences in programme evaluation, in the (inter) national standards for GHG emissions related to energy use and in programme costs.

Four tools were used to structure the process:

  • Reports by national experts
  • Draft and final international reports provided by the Operating Agent
  • Experts’ meeting to discuss (evaluation approaches, scenarios, concepts etc.), national reports and Task reports
  • Discussions with future users and policy makers at national and international level.

The first phase of the Task developed a common framework to clarify the function of scenarios and measurements for evaluation guidelines to clarify the function of scenarios and measurements for evaluation guidelines, to compile an international evaluation guidebook for energy efficiency programs, focussed on GHG mitigation and also to communicate and promote the guidebook. The second phase of the Task tested, modified and finalized the evaluation guidebook.


Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Republic of Korea, Netherlands and Sweden

Task duration: May 1994 – May 2005