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Task 18 – Demand Side Management and Climate Change

Task 18 – Demand Side Management and Climate Change


The fourth IPCC Working Group III Report “Mitigation of Climate Change” identified demand side management programs as a mechanism that may be effective in reducing emissions.

Task 18 investigated the potential contribution to mitigating GHG emissions that can be made by demand side management measures. Task 18 also examined the extent to which GHG emissions mitigation measures can provide benefits to electricity systems.

Achieved Results

Participation in Task 18 enabled countries and organisations to:

  • understand the interactions between DSM and climate change
  • develop methodologies for assessing the GHG emissions reductions available from specific DSM measures
  • gain information about using DSM programs to mitigate GHG emissions, and about using GHG emission mitigation programs to deliver benefits to electricity systems
  • identify opportunities for funding DSM programs with revenue from GHG emissions trading schemes
  • explore whether use time of use pricing can be used to achieve mitigation of GHG emissions
  • gather the information necessary to launch and participate in deployment programmes for demand-side technologies.


Australia, France, India and Spain

Task duration: March 2008 – November 2010


Operating Agent David Crossley, Australia

Ian McNicol, Australia
Eric Vidalenc, France
Balawant Joshi, India
Miguel Ordiales Botija, Spain
Javier Argüeso Montero, Spain


Task 18 Research Report No 1: Interactions between Demand Side Management and Climate Change

Task 18 Research Report No 2: Principles for Assessing Emissions Reductions from DSM Measures

Task 18 Research Report No 3: Mitigating GHG Emissions and Delivering Electricity System Benefits

Task 18 Research Report No 4: Funding DSM Projects with Revenue from Carbon Trading

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