Task 3 – Cooperative Procurement of Innovative Technologies for Demand-Side Management


Concrete results included a clothes drier with the energy use cut by half (the first “Class A” drier), electric motors with losses reduced by 20-40%, and a “copier of the future” where the energy use was reduced down to 25%.

After evaluation of proposals and prototypes, the suppliers of the clothes drier, the electric motor and the copier received the DSM Award of Excellence introduced by Task 3. The products were thereafter commercially available.

A major conclusion from Task 3 was that the creation of buyer groups, formulation of performance criteria and creation of mechanisms for recognition are some of the important elements in co-operative procurement efforts.

Achieved results

  • Report on Co-operative Procurement
  • Market Acceptance for Innovative Energy-Efficient Technologies
  • IEA DSM Award of Excellence ceremony
  • IEA Drier Promotion Competition
  • IEA Hi-Motors Competition
  • IEA Copier of the Future Competition
  • Lessons learned summarised in the Final Management Report



Denmark, European Commission, Finland, Korea (South), Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States.

Task duration: October 1993 – December 1999


SwedenOperating AgentHans Westling
DenmarkNational ExpertMaria Rizzo
EuropeanNational ExpertPaolo Bertoldi
FinlandNational ExpertHeikki Härkönen
FinlandNational ExpertSeppo Silvonen
Republic of KoreaNational ExpertDae-Gyun Oh
Republic of KoreaNational ExpertKwan-Hong Shin
NetherlandsNational ExpertRéne Kemna
NetherlandsNational ExpertHans-Paul Siderius
SpainNational ExpertFernando Borbon
SwedenNational ExpertNils Borg
SwedenNational ExpertEgil Öfverholm
SwedenNational ExpertHeini-Marja Suvilehto
United KingdomNational ExpertPaul Davidson
United KingdomNational ExpertPaul White
United StatesNational ExpertMarc LaFrance
United StatesNational ExpertRachel Schmeltz
United StatesNational ExpertJeffrey Harris