Task 5 – Investigation of Techniques for Implementation of DSM Technology in the Market Place


Participants conducted a survey in their countries of the methods that utilities and governments have successfully used to market DSM technologies in residential, small commercial and small industrial markets.

Based upon the methodology developed above, each participant carried out a pilot project for a particular small customer market. The results of the pilot programmes were measured and their success evaluated. Results in different countries were compared and their similarities and differences were explained. Within each country results of the pilot programme were compared with results of previous programmes in order to document improvements realised in programme effectiveness.

Achieved Results

  • Marketing methodology for implementing DSM technologies in small customer markets.
  • Tools to analyse, follow-up and evaluate DSM programs in these markets always from a marketing point of view.
  • Analysis of previous DSM programs in the participating countries.
  • Real pilot programmes for effective implementation of DSM technologies in such markets and analysis and evaluation of the pilot programme results.
  • Reports on all these items.
  • A better overall understanding of the actors in the small customer market for DSM technology has evolved.


Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the World Bank -Tanzania

Task duration: 1993 – 1998



Task 5 Final Report  – Techniques for Implementation of Demand Side Management Technology in the Marketplace: Final Report (English)

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