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April 2003 Workshop – Global and Local Trends in Energy Efficiency – Contributing to profits and the Economy, Sydney, Australia

The workshop was hosted by: The Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) and the Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO), Australia. Global and Local Trends in Energy Efficiency – Contributing to Profits and the Economy International and local speakers shared their expertise on energy efficiency policy and programs for industry. The seminar covered international, local and industry perspectives on energy efficiency in large industry and marketing energy efficient products and services to customers.

Sydney, Australia, 11 April, 2003

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Presentations made at the seminar:

1. The Role of Energy Efficiency in Job Creation – presented by Mark Fogarty, Executive Director, Sustainable Energy Development Authority NSW, Australia.

2. International Collaboration and Directions for Energy Efficiency – presented by Hans Nilsson, Chairman of the IEA DSM Programme.

3. Transforming the Market Place: Spruiking Energy Efficiency to the Masses – presented by Verney Ryan, Building Research Establishment (BRE), United Kingdom.

4. Demand Response: Infrastruture and Design Principles – presented by Ross Malme, RETX, United States.

5. Energy Performance Contracting and Demand Bidding to Stimulate Energy Efficiency and Reduce Business Costs– presented by Seppo Kärkkäinen, VTT, Finland.

6. Australian Building Greenhouse Rating (ABGR) – World First Greenhouse Benchmark for Office Buildings – presented by Sue Salmon, Program Manager, ABGR, Australia.

7. Equipment Minimum Energy Performance Standards and Best Practice – presented by Tony Marker, Manager Built Environment, Australian Greenhouse Office, Australia.