Technology Collaboration Programme

October 2005 Workshop – ‘Electric Demand Side Operation, DSO, II Madrid Forum, Madrid Spain

The workshop was hosted by: RED Electríca de Espana, Spain. “Electric Demand Side Operation, DSO, II Madrid, Forum” The participants in the workshop/seminar were Experts from the IEA DSM Programme, Spanish technology and commercial companies related to electric demand management and service to consumers, international operators and regulating agents and other experts with relevant points of views regarding DSM.

The speakers were asked to analyse from their point of view the opportunities and barriers they know or expect in the development of resources improving the efficiency, operability and future demand coverage of the electric system.

Madrid, Spain, 19 October, 2005

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Presentations made at the seminar:

1. The Electricity Service in the XXI Century. Utilities Industry & the Capital Market – Under Pressure – Utilities Global Survey 2005 – presented by Mats Edvinsson, Energy & Utilities Leader, Sweden.

2. Consumer’s Services Companies – presented by Arturo Rodríguez-Garcia, Director General, Visual Tools, Spain.

3. Market Mechanisms for White Certificates – presented by Antonio Capozza, CESI, Italy.

4. Customer Organisation – presented by Carlos Álvarez, Instituto de Ingenieria Energética, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

5. Converting Demand Side Operation into an Accurate Tool for the Transmission System Operator – REE Research and Results and Desarrollo de Gestión de Demanda Orientada a la Eficiencia conjunta de los Procesos – Consumo de Electridicidad – presented by Carmen Rodriguez Villagarcia, RED Eléctrica de Espana.

6. Large Portfolios of Small Consumers Operation – presented by Richard Formby, EA Technology Ltd, United Kingdom.

7. The Spanish case: Solid Tendency to Electric Growth – presented by Luis Imaz, RED Eléctrica de Espana, Spain.

8. Consumers Participation of System Operation Resources – presented by Ross Malme and Pete Scarpelli, RETX, United States.

9. Interruptibility in the System – presented by Miguel Duvison, RED Eléctrica de Espana, Spain.

10. La Gestión de los Mercados de Operación – presented by María Luisa Llorens Casado, RED Eléctrica de Espana, Spain.

11. Policy Suggestions for (more and better) DSM – presented by Hans Nilsson, Chairman of the IEA DSM Programme, Sweden.

12. Alternatives for the Insertion of DSM Measures in the Formulation of Efficient Tariffs and Market Mechanisms – presented by José Ignacio Pérez Arriaga, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieria, Instituto de Investigación Technológica, Spain.

13. Large Power Users Responsiveness to DSM – presented by Juan Temboury, Praxair Technology Europe, Spain.