Technology Collaboration Programme

October 2002 Workshop – Energy Services for Tomorrow – The Future of DSM, Graz, Austria

The workshop was hosted by: The Grazer Energie Agentur, Austria and Landes Energie Verein Steiermark (LEV), Austria. “Energy Services for Tomorrow – The Future of DSM”.  When the DSM Programme started it had three main areas of work – Policy (analysis of applications), Technology and Measures. The exchange of experiences gained from these three categories is crucial if we want to make the best of our resources.

Events during 2002 seem to have given some new breath to the DSM concept. First of all were the close calls showing that energy systems both in a technical and in an institutional sense, and sometimes both, are vulnerable. California was the most spectacular example. Secondly the concerns over environment and climate has made it obvious that, as far as energy impact goes, measures must cover both the supply and the demand side and that simultaneous treatment of the opportunities opens up for better solutions. Since the DSM concept is built on the interaction between the two, it also offers some good “readymade” chances for analysis and measures.

There seems to be several reasons to ensure that the DSM concept is developed in light of new Tasks and new institutional arrangements. This workshop was structured to deal with and develop the views on these issues.

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Position of DSM in the Energy Market Place

Presentations made at the seminar:

1. The Logic – DSM a Modern Dilemma – presented by Hans Nilsson, Chairman of the IEA DSM Programme.

2. The EC Proposal – Reasons for an Initiative on Energy Services -presented by Randall Bowie, European Commission, Directorate-general for Energy and Transport, Brussels, Belgium.

3. The US Situation – US Trends and Issues – presented by Jeffrey Harris, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL), United States.

4. DSM Activities at the Research Cooperation of Austrian Utilities – presented by Michael Zoglauer, TIWAG, Austria.

Opportunities for the Future/Rethinking DSM

Presentations made at the seminar:

1. Improve Reliability – A Demand Response? – presented by Michael Jones, IEA Secretariat, Paris, France.

2. The Future of DSM in a Competitive Electricity Market – To Improve Security and Diversification – presented by Linda Hull, EA Technology, United Kingdom.

3. Future of DSM in Competitive Markets – As a Commodity – presented by Richard Formby, EA Technology, United Kingdom.

4. Performance Contracting – presented by Hans Westling, Promandat AB, Sweden.

5. The Impact on Market Organisation – Changing Markets in the UK -presented by Paul Davidson, Building Research Establishment (BRE), United Kingdom.

6. The UK Carbon Trust Programmes – presented by Paul Davidson, Building Reserach Establishment (BRE), United Kingdom.

7. The UK Emissions Trading Scheme – A Progress Report and Overview – presented by Paul Davidson, Building Research Establishment (BRE), United Kingdom.

8. Action Energy Replaces The Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme – presented by Paul Davidson, Building Research Establishment (BRE), United Kingdom.