Technology Collaboration Programme

New GO-P2P Case Study Repository launched

The GO-P2P Case Study Repository website is now live! This platform presents a collection of case studies representing Peer-to-Peer, Transactive Energy and Community/Collective Self-Consumption projects implemented around the world. Developed as part of the Global Observatory on Peer-to-Peer, Collective Self-Consumption and Transactive Energy (GO-P2P), this resource aims to provide a rich dataset for comparative analysis […]

8th GO-P2P Meeting ‘Scaling Up Local Energy Markets’

On May 28th and 29th we held our 8th GO-P2P meeting in collaboration with NOVA School of Law and NOVA IMS Information Management School in Lisbon, Portugal. Thanks to our speakers Filipe Neves da Silva (EDP), Luisa Matos (Cleanwatts) Pepijn van de Water and Sjoerd Doumen (ENTRNCE International) and Jeremy Harrison (LCP Delta) for providing […]

7th GO-P2P Meeting at TU Delft with focus on case studies

Last week we held our 7th GO-P2P Meeting at TUDelft. Two informative and intense days of expert presentations and lively discussions on the development of Local Energy Markets to create a resilient, secure and democratic energy system of the future. The first day was dedicated to energy hubs and included a workshop organised in collaboration […]

What we talk about when we talk about energy sharing – read the new GO-P2P blog

Defining Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading, Community Self-Consumption and Transactive Energy Models. As energy end-users take on a more active role in the energy system, new energy business models are developing to tackle a key challenge: how can we integrate decentralised energy assets into the grid and incentivise prosumers to provide flexibility services?