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New Policy Brief from Social License to Automate Task

Our latest Policy Brief is an overview for policy makers highlighting key observations and findings from stage one of the Task which concluded in October 2021 with the publication of their final report “Social License to Automate” Emerging Approaches to Demand Side Management”. Download the Policy Brief here

New Users TCP Task “Social License to Automate 2.0” launches November 23rd 2022

What will end-users do, if they are asked to trust someone to control their heating, storage battery use, or dishwasher? The importance of this question is growing as grid operators and aggregation firms use automation to improve flexibility in power grids increasingly characterised by volatile renewable power generation and distributed sites of generation and storage. […]

Social License to Automate – Final Report & Executive Summary released

The Social License to Automate Task has investigated the social dimensions of user engagement with automated technologies in energy systems to understand how end-user trust to automate is built and maintained in different jurisdictions and cultural settings. The rapid uptake of renewable energy systems will require new automated technologies to balance energy supplies. Some developers […]