Technology Collaboration Programme

Task 10 – Performance Contracting

Task 10 – Performance Contracting


Task 10, Performance Contracting, facilitated the greater use of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) and other Energy Service Company (ESCO) financial options and services. This was a 3-year business-to-business Task, limited to efforts involving the performance contracting arrangements and other ESCO-related financial options and services between client, businesses and all types of companies offering these services.

Achieved Results

By building upon the experiences of those countries familiar with performance contracting, such as Canada, the United States and some European countries, and listening to the needs of countries that are developing such systems, the Task Experts:

  • Provided a better understanding of how performance contracts and other ESCO financial options and services can be used.
  • Outlined the benefits of performance contracting and their potential to promote energy efficiency and mitigate global climate change
  • Outlined the regulatory and legal context for such contracts to function.
  • Identified the market potential in countries that lack a mature performance contracting industry.
  • Identified and shared information on potential barriers and problems associated with implementing these contracts.
  • Shared success stories and solutions to problems.
  • Formulated definitions of different types of performance contracting.
  • Identified solutions and schemes on how to find suitable ESCOs and how to improve the tendering process.


Austria, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, United States

Task duration: 2001 – 2004